About the author

J. C. Jones

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Hello everyone, my name is J.C. Jones. I was born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana. My nationality is Caucasian/Cherokee Native American since my father was white and my mother was a full blood Cherokee from the Reservation of Cherokee North Carolina. I always loved to read as a kid being raised, in a poor neighborhood, that would take me away from the hardships of being from a poor family. I especially love true crime stories. I love a mystery, who done it, story. My favorites are ghost or horror stories. As a kid growing up, I always wanted to be a writer, having something to say and getting people to listen to my thoughts. I now, love to write a good horror or mystery novel. I spent 14 years in the military, traveling around the world, visiting every place of history that I could find, learning about the world and the people that make us all different in some small way, but all the same at the same time. I went to the university of Phoenix and studied Criminal Justice, Criminal Psychology, and Journalism. I am about to retire from the State of Indiana after 20 years, working in the prison system, Indiana Dept. of Corrections. I have plenty of material to work with, living around the world, and working with Criminals most of my entire life, so I plan to write full time once I retire. &quot;My first book is, &quot;The Angel of Death&quot; by J.C. Jones. It was a learning experience publishing it for the first time. Now that I think I have all the bugs worked out in publishing, I am now working on the sequel to the, The Angel of Death. I also have other short story, ghost books. One coming out very soon called &quot;Tales of the Dead&quot;, which has a few good ghost stories in it which I think the reader will like. Peace to all on earth, love you, J.C. Jones</p>