About the author

K. A. Bryant

<p>Author of Amazon Best Seller,<em> Mark of the Two-Edged Sword</em>, K. A. Bryant is author of fiction espionage, political crime novels. Captured is the second book in the Caleb Promise Series.</p><p>Blogger, K. A. Bryant is dedicated to encouraging and others to reach for their dreams by offering practical strategies to do so. 2020 will hold the launch of her non-fiction line tasked with enlarging this effort.</p><p>K. A. Bryant books are available world-wide on multiple platforms as she brings a refreshing take on espionage and political thrillers with the Caleb Promise Series and the soon to come heroine series. To find out more, sign up for the K. A. Bryant mailing list on &#160;kabryant.com.</p>