About the author

P. J. Parker

<p>Australian/American author. With a Bachelor of Science Architecture Degree, P. J. has traveled and lived extensively around the world--intrigued by cultures of historic interest and buildings of architectural significance. An avid reader and researcher, P. J.'s writing is undertaken with a passionate and exacting degree of attention to detail.<br><br>P. J.'s debut novel ROXELANA AND SULEYMAN was followed up by the internationally acclaimed FIRE ON THE WATER: A COMPANION TO MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN. 2017 saw the release of AMERICA TUWAQACHI: THE SAGA OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY, a grand saga which follows a single family line through 18,000 years of North American history. ORIGIN OF THE VAMPYRE, the sequel to FIRE ON THE WATER was released in October 2019.<br><br>P. J. currently lives and writes in the USA.</p>