About the author

D.F. Hart

<p>Greetings from Texas!<br> <br> I have my MBA with Accounting concentration and that&#39;s my &quot;day job&quot; - I&#39;m an Accounting Manager. I&#39;ve been in that line of work in multiple industries for over twenty years now. I like it, and it pays the bills.&nbsp;<br> <br> However, it&#39;s a far cry from my passion (and originally intended path), which was to be a writer who also perhaps taught Shakespeare at a university somewhere.&nbsp;<br> <br> Fate, it seems, has a sense of humor.&nbsp;<br> <br> But given that I&#39;m not yet dead, I realize I still can chase that passion of mine in some form or fashion. So, I write. And read. And try my best to absorb as many lessons as I can from those who traveled this road to becoming a solid author before me.<br> <br> When I am not crunching numbers, writing, or reading, I love to play hidden object and puzzle games - Anything with a good mystery story line!</p>