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Damian Miles

<p>About Damian</p><p>Damian Miles is an NLP certified life coach and has been practicing life coaching since 2008. He now specialises in confidence coaching as an improvement in confidence will improve every area of your life.</p><p>He has produced the following books:</p><p>- <em><u>The A to Z of Confidence</u></em></p><p>- <em><u>30 Seconds to Happiness</u></em></p><p><em><u>- A Quick Guide To Living Forever</u></em>: Well Almost: What You Can Do Now To Live Longer And Live Better</p><p>- <em><u>Confident Weight Loss</u></em>: How To Drop Your Weight By Increasing Your Confidence</p><p>- <em><u>Six Great Confidence Tips</u></em>: My Best Tips For Outstanding Confidence</p><p>-&nbsp;<em><u>42 Days To Confidence:</u></em>&nbsp;How To Guarantee You Will Be Confident In Just Six Weeks Time</p><p>His approach to coaching is that confidence-is-key as it underlines all success. An increase in confidence benefits the client&rsquo;s whole life, and just small increases can have dramatic effects.</p><p>Contact Details:</p><p>PHONE &ndash; 07739362979</p><p>EMAIL &ndash; damian@liveyourdreamlifetoday.co.uk</p>