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डा० भीष्म शर्मा

Premyogi vajra is born in 1975 at a small village of Himachal pradesh, India. He is naturally fond of writing, philosophy, spirituality, yoga, behavioural science and tourism. He has also worked in field of veterinary science and animal husbandry after being graduated in the corresponding discipline. He is also fond of Polyhouse farming, scientific and water saving, irrigation, kitchen gardening, cow rearing, vermicomposting, music and singing. He was once a vedic priest for a short time, performing religious rituals in people's homes. He has got some advanced spiritual experiences(enlightenment and kundalini awakening). His autobiography including his unique experiences have especially been reflected in this book, Shareervigyaan darshan-Ek Aadhunik Kundalini Tantra(ek yogi ki premkatha) in Hindi.<br>Moreover, the author has been named as "Top Writer 2018" by the Quora Team.