About the author

Cameron Yorke

<p>All About Me...<br> I grew up in New Zealand, but ran away to find fame and fortune at the age of 19 and have lived abroad ever since, working as a Freelance Journalist for the past 14 years. My main loves are food, wine, travel and fashion, and this is mainly what I write about, although I have been known to stray occasionally! I&#39;ve reviewed most of the top restaurants in the world, writing for international travel and lifestyle magazines worldwide, and some have said I&#39;m bloody good at it! I&#39;ve travelled extensively, and lived in many amazing countries before moving to Britain in 2005, where I&#39;ve written, presented and produced documentaries, television series and short films.<br> ‚Äč<br> My books are mainly of a memoir and self help genre, or travel and lifestyle, but all are based on personal experience. I&#39;m a keen activist for gay rights, along with prison reform and rehabilitation, and have founded a charity to support victims of drugs and the chemsex culture, funded by the proceeds of my books.<br> <br> I&#39;m currently single - Bloody hard to live with, set in my ways ,and incredibly selfish! I&#39;m a dedicated Europhile, am trying hard to be Euro-trash, and divide my time between my homes in New Zealand, Andora, Cyprus and Monaco.</p>