About the author

Angelique Conger

<p>Angelique Conger worked as a teacher in the years her children were growing. Writing about the earliest days of our earth, those days between the Garden of Eden and Noah&rsquo;s flood, helps in her efforts to change the world.</p><p>Many would consider her books Christian focused, and they are because they focus on events in the Bible. She writes of a people&rsquo;s beliefs in Jehovah. However, though she&rsquo;s read in much of the Bible and searched for more about these stories, there isn&rsquo;t much there. Her imagination fills in the missing information, which is most of it.</p><p>Angelique lives in Southern Nevada with her husband, turtles, and Lovebird. Her favorite times are visiting children and grandchildren. She loves mail and is happy to respond to your questions.</p><p>Happy reading.</p>