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Linny Lawless

<p>About Linny Lawless</p><p></p><p>Linny Lawless grew up in Northern VA, right outside Washington DC. She has over 20 years as a sales operations professional, and 13 years as a biker chick! &nbsp;She has been riding Harleys with her husband and loves the freedom, wildness, and rebellion of the biker world. Living the biker life is tribal, and primal at times.</p><p>Linny has also been a book worm ever since she was a young teen. She reads all genres, but the one she loves the most is Romance! Recently characters have begun to talk to her. Scruffy, sexy alpha bikers who belong to a tribe, their club, and the women they fall in love with. They live in a world full of chaos, not unlike reality. But within that world of chaos, they live their lives the best way they can and discover true love.</p>