About the author

Mike Robinson

<p>A writer since age six and a professional one since nineteen, my initial editing experience came in the swarms of prose I pumped out into the world, only occasionally into the world of actual magazines, anthologies or e-zines. Soon, as I began selling more regularly, and as publishers took note of my longer works, I began freelance editing.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>In the past eight years, I&#8217;ve edited screenplays, memoirs, novels, children&#8217;s books and, would you believe it, epic narrative poetry. One of the novels I edited,&#160;<em>Under the Tamarind Tree</em>, was shortlisted among nine others for the 2014 Dundee International Book Prize. A charter member of The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS), I am also the managing editor of the organization&#8217;s official publication,&#160;<em>Literary Landscapes</em>, which features stories, excerpts, articles and poetry (see issues&#160;here). In addition, I belong to the editing collective Write For Success, for which I perform manuscript critiques and consultation. As an author, I have published nine novels and almost fifteen short stories.</p>