About the author

Julian Gallo

<p>Julian Gallo lives and works in New York City. His poetry has appeared in over 40 journals throughout the Unites States, Canada and Europe. He is the author of 9 poetry books, &quot;Standing on Lorimer Street Awaiting Crucifixion&quot; (Alpha Beat Press 1996), &quot;The Terror of Your Cunt is the Beauty of Your Face&quot; (Black Spring Press 1999), &quot;Street Gospel Mystical Intellectual Survival Codes&quot; (Budget Press 2000), &quot;Scrape That Violin More Darkly Then Hover Like Smoke in the Air&quot; (Black Spring Press 2001), &quot;Existential Labyrinths&quot; (Black Spring Press 2003), &quot;My Arrival is Marked by Illuminating Stains&quot; (Beat Corrida, 2007), &quot;Window Shopping For a New Crown of Thorns&quot; (Beat Corrida, 2007), &quot;A Symphony of Olives&quot; (Propaganda Press 2009) and &quot;Divertimiento&quot; (Propaganda Press 2009). He is also the author of 6 novels, &quot;November Rust (Beat Corrida, 2007), &quot;Naderia&quot; (Beat Corrida, 2011), &quot;Be Still and Know That I Am&quot; (Beat Corrida, 2011), &quot;Mediterraneo&quot; (Beat Corrida, 2012), &quot;Europa&quot; (Beat Corrida, 2013), the short story collection &quot;Rapid Eye Movements&quot; (Beat Corrida 2014) and &quot;Rhombus Denied&quot; (Beat Corrida, 2015)</p>