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Felice Mathieu

<p>Felice Mathieu | Speaker Poet | Marriage Communication Coach<br/> <br/> My mother died of HIV when I was 12. I never knew my real father, let alone saw a picture of him. My stepfather I knew, and he was with me at the hospital at the time my mother was dying.<br/> <br/> That same week, my stepfather leaves me with some family friends, and goes to Haiti. Around two months later, I am told that his ex-wife murdered him.&#160;<br/> <br/> That leaves my last living blood relative. My granduncle. He dies a few months later of Diabetes. Within a year I lose all of my blood relatives. I bring all that up to say this, those circumstances made me REALLY obsessively study relationships. Basically, what I needed to know is what made relationships fail or succeed. Every relationship I would then form would be in an extension of a family that I would never have.&#160;<br/> <br/> I was the kid in middle school, high school, and college that conducted surveys and questionnaires on notebooks. Asking everyone and anybody to take it, to collect data I could analyze. I would interview married couples. I would take polls. I read books related to relationships, but more specifically intimate relationships. Why that focus? Well, I needed to repopulate the 'Mathieu generation'. I had a really strong desire to gain enough knowledge, that would help me form lifelong relationships, hoping to fill that void the effects of having no family had on me.<br/> <br/> My research revealed that the #1 problem all relationships faced was poor communication skills.<br/> <br/> I took that knowledge into Spoken Word Poetry on and off for 10 years.<br/> <br/> Now as a Speaker Poet, and author I help Christian spouses communicate effectively, quickly, without misunderstandings or disrespect. To have fewer arguments, and more unity.</p>