About the author

Bryan DeWeese

Even as a young boy, Bryan was obsessed with the future and with science fiction. "Interplanetary Flight", by Arthur C. Clarke, was a stepping off point for Bryan. Though Clarke's book was published in the early 1950's, it along with the moon landing and various TV shows inspired Bryan to learn about science and space travel.<br><br>Early in college, Bryan's professors discovered a talent for writing personable characters and they nurtured that but even with that it was still nearly twenty years before he published his first book. Bryan was too busy working on special effects for films and writing screenplays, some that were made and some that were not.<br><br>Bryan DeWeese is currently working as an audio engineer and a musician, as well as writing on the side.<br><br>Bryan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication from Boise State University in addition to various technical certificates.<br><br>Bryan's first love is prognosticating about the future and telling stories in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Bryan has won many awards and hopes one day to be the recipient of a Hugo or a Nebula award. <br>