About the author

Robert Beers

<p>Robert Lee Beers (born 1951) is an author and an artist involved in graphic arts, illustration and fine art.</p><p/><p>Originally from Eureka, California, Beers attended Arcata High School and Humboldt State College. He currently resides in Topeka, Kansas.</p><p/><p>In 2008 as a state Assemblyman Robert was nominated to be a recipient of the JFK Profiles in Courage Award.</p><p/><p>After leaving office, Robert became a licensed mediator for the Nevada Supreme Court&#8217;s Foreclosure Mediation Program. Upon retiring he was the most successful mediator of his type in the nation, compiling an agreement rate nearing 85%.</p><p>He continues to write, and to paint. His Tony Mandolin Mystery series has ten completed novels and several short stories. The first four novels were produced into full-cast audio dramas by Graphic Audio Publishers.</p><p>As an artist, Robert is an accomplished painter of portraits, both human and pet, and in producing landscapes that capture the chosen scene with incredible depth and clarity.</p><p/><p/>