About the author

Catriona Walsh

<p>Dr Catriona Walsh graduated in medicine from Cambridge University, England, and Queen&#8217;s University, Belfast. She is a practitioner with 15 years&#8217; experience in the healthcare industry working as a paediatric doctor, eventually becoming a consultant with a specialist interest in childhood allergy.</p><p>As a result of her own health challenges, she reevaluated her approach to healthcare. Now she adopts a more holistic way of treating people. Having left mainstream medicine to set up The Food Phoenix, she has dedicated herself to trying to improve the health of other people suffering from gadolinium toxicity.</p><p>Her training in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, through the Institute of Health Sciences, Dublin, provides the highest level nutrition coaching qualification available. This has allowed her to extend her expertise regarding the way that dietary and lifestyle changes can impact your health and wellbeing.</p><p>To find out more about Dr Catriona Walsh, visit thefoodphoenix.co.uk and thefoodphoenix.com.</p><p>She also really doesn&#8217;t like big spiders at all.</p>