About the author

Lisa L. Tallabas

<p>Lisa L. Tallabas writes fast-paced, action-packed, character-driven fantasy and sci-fi novels where good versus evil conflicts are told with a heavy dose of humor, an electric mix of military/civilian antics, and a touch of romance. She pens these novels as she travels and lives on the open road; beside lakes, in the middle of forest, next to oceans, and on military bases.</p> <p>When she&rsquo;s not in her 5th Wheel creating new worlds, she&rsquo;s out enjoying the magnificent one she resides in with her husband; fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, site-seeing, gym-ratting, and animal watching.</p> <p>Oh, and she loves sugar, anything made with sugar. It&rsquo;s her kryptonite.</p>