About the author

Gilbert-C. Remillard

<p><br>Learning Chinese should not be hard to do. You just need the proper approach.&nbsp;<br><br>Canadian born, Gilbert-C. Rémillard is an Engineer in Physics with a Master Degree in Aerospace engineering. He also holds a degree in translation and, for the past 30 years, has developed a strong interest in learning foreign languages. He is here to prove that<strong> learning Chinese is not rocket science</strong>!<br><br>Most Chinese methods on the market fail to deliver a complete solution. What separates Gilbert’s series from other similar books is his ability to make you remember all aspects of a Chinese character (its simplified and traditional forms, its various definitions and its pronunciations in Mandarin) in a fun, comprehensive and pragmatic manner.<br><br>Gilbert's books will take you from knowing nothing about Chinese to being able to recognize and pronounce virtually all the Chinese characters you are bound to come across, while being entertained!&nbsp;<br><br>Gilbert brought together his artistic talent, his knowledge of historical world events, his pragmatic mind and his sense of humor to create the method presented in the <strong>50 Shapes of Chinese</strong> and the <strong>Chinese Blockbuster</strong> series.<br><br></p>