About the author

Jim Mosquera

<p><strong>Who?</strong></p><p>Jim Mosquera is a published author of fiction and non-fiction and a business professional. &nbsp;He wants&nbsp;people to understand the world around them and&nbsp;think for themselves.<br><br></p><p><strong>Early Life</strong></p><p>Born in Panama City, Panama, he spent his formative years in Panama City and St. Louis, Missouri.&nbsp; He graduated near the top of his class from the University of Missouri-Columbia with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Engineering. &nbsp;<br><br></p><p><strong>Professional Career</strong></p><p>After graduation,&nbsp;he studied economics and the markets.&nbsp; He worked in telecommunications&nbsp;serving&nbsp;in a variety of roles including engineering, sales, sales support, product development, and training.&nbsp; In 2004, he received a patent for a software application he developed with a colleague.</p><p>In addition to his regular job, he successfully traded futures.&nbsp; He continued&nbsp;his education by completing a Series 3 license (Commodity Trading Advisor).&nbsp; Mr. Mosquera also developed proprietary software programs used in options and futures trading. &nbsp;</p><p>Currently, he’s&nbsp;a Principal at&nbsp;Sentinel Consulting, an alternative finance and restructuring firm.&nbsp; He also operates the economic and financial web site called The Sentinel. He contributes financial and economic articles to various publications.<br><br></p><p><strong>Non-fiction</strong></p><p>With the knowledge gained over years of study, he created The Sentinel Financial Report.&nbsp; This publication inspired the creation of a book on the financial crisis of 2008 called&nbsp;Escaping Oz: Protecting your wealth during the financial crisis,&nbsp;published in 2011. &nbsp;He published the successor to that book,&nbsp;Escaping Oz: Navigating the crisis, in 2015. &nbsp;For Jim,&nbsp;the financial crisis never really ended.<br><br></p><p><strong>Fiction</strong></p><p>As a result of his non-fiction writing, &nbsp;Jim wrote a realistic fictional novel titled&nbsp;2020&nbsp;that he published in 2016. &nbsp; The story is a political thriller with financial crisis, cyber terror, and alternative parties challenging the two-party status quo, culminating in the presidential election of 2020. &nbsp;The second book in that series,&nbsp;Rebellium, continues where 2020 left off and reveals a sinister side of government. &nbsp;The third novel in the series, Division is a wild tale where former foes collaborate to fight the Deep State.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>