About the author

Matt Drabble

<p>Born in Bath, England in 1974, a self-professed &quot;funny onion&quot;, equal parts sport loving jock and comic book geek. I am a lover of horror and character driven stories. I am also an A.S sufferer who took to writing full time two years ago after being forced to give up the day job.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I have a career high position of 5th on Amazon&#39;s Horror Author Rank of which I am immensely proud. I am also been accepted as a full member of the Horror Writers Association.<br /> <br /> &quot;<strong>GATED</strong>&quot; is the 2015 <strong>Readers Favorite</strong> Gold Medal Winner for Horror Ficiton. It is also a UK &amp; US Horror Chart Top Ten Best Seller &amp; winner of the<strong> Full Moon Awards</strong> 2014 Horror Book of the Year.<br /> <br /> &quot;<strong>ASYLUM - 13 TALES OF TERROR</strong>&quot; is a US Horror Chart #5 It was also voted #5 on <strong>The Horror Novel Review&#39;s</strong> Top 10 Books of 2013 &amp; is the&nbsp;<strong>Readers Favorite</strong> 2014 Gold Medal Winner for Anthology Fiction.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Both &quot;<strong>THE TRAVELLING MAN</strong>&quot; and &quot;<strong>ABRA-CADAVER</strong>&quot; won Indie Book of the Day awards while &quot;ABRA-CADAVER&quot; is also a 2015 <strong>Kindle Book Review</strong> Finalist.</p>