About the author

Gord Rollo

<p>Gord Rollo was born in St. Andrews, Scotland, but now lives in Ontario, Canada. His short stories and novella-length work have appeared in many professional publications throughout the genre and his novels include: <strong>The Jigsaw Man</strong>, <strong>Crimson</strong>, <strong>Strange Magic</strong>, <strong>Valley Of The Scarecrow, </strong><strong>The Translators</strong>, <strong>Only The Thunder Knows</strong>, and <strong>The Crucifixion Experiments.</strong>. His work has been translated into several languages and his titles are currently being adapted for audiobooks.</p> <p>Besides novels, Gord edited the acclaimed evolutionary horror anthology, <strong>Unnatural Selection: A Collection of Darwinian Nightmares</strong>. He also co-edited <strong>Dreaming of Angels</strong>, a horror/fantasy anthology created to increase awareness of Down&rsquo;s syndrome and raise money for research.</p>