About the author

Melina Druga

<strong>Creating fictional people since 1989. </strong><br>​​​​​​​ <br> Most kids have an active imagination.&nbsp; My imagination has stayed strong into adulthood, and I’ve funneled that creativity into a successful writing career.&nbsp; I write history, both fiction and nonfiction, because although your school history classes may have been boring, the past is not.&nbsp; My goal is to bring the past to life in all its myriad of colors. <br>​​​​​​​ <br> I write with the assistance of a furry writing buddy – AKA the family cat who often sits with me while I work. <br>​​​​​​​ <br> When not researching, writing or editing, I’m wife to a wonderful man who also is my copy editor and mother to a budding baker/guitarist/architect. <br>​​​​​​​ <br> The portion of my brain that isn’t filled with fictional people is filled with song lyrics.&nbsp; I listen to hard rock daily and find entertainment, inspiration and comfort in it. <br>​​​​​​​ <br> Namaste.&nbsp; I practice yoga daily for a balanced body and mind.&nbsp; But, no, I can’t do a headstand.&nbsp; <br> Another way I express my creativity is through the camera lens.&nbsp; I especially enjoy nature and architecture photography. <br>​​​​​​​ <br> I cook most meals from scratch.&nbsp; I’m a healthy cooking advocate, much to my husband’s chagrin.&nbsp; <br> To learn more about me, visit my website at http://www.melinadruga.com/ . <br>​​​​​​​ <br> You also can find me on social media at @MelinaDruga.