About the author

John Rachel

John Rachel has a B. A. in Philosophy, has traveled extensively, is a writer and blogger, a songwriter and music producer, and an evolutionary humanist. He has spent his life trying to resolve the intrinsic clash between the metaphysical purity of Buddhism and the overwhelming appeal of narcissism.<br><br>He is author of ten novels, four non-fiction political books, a pictorial collection of anecdotes about living in Japan, and a creative non-fiction fantasy/travel/cookbook. Currently in development is the final book in his end-of-the-world trilogy, a new novel set in Africa, and the story of a cosmetics salesgirl who is a mathematical geniusthe final book in his end-of-the-world trilogy.<br><br>Author Rachel has explored or lived in thirty-four countries since leaving America August of 2006. He now lives in a quiet, traditional, rural Japanese community, where he finds infinite delight in the ringing of temple bells three times a day by monks at a local Shinto shrine. These days he is mostly immersed in good vibrations.<br><br>You can follow his adventures and developing world view at:&nbsp; https://jdrachel.com.<br><br>"Scribo ergo sum."