About the author

Ella Cox

<p>I'm a woman in early forties, born and raised in Ukraine and then moved US.</p><p>I've been an avid fan of incest erotica since I was young, I have been reading and writing it with various pennames. My biggest arousal is Mom &amp; Son Incest stories. And you can see that from my work.<br><br>Most of my work is inspired by my own life and my fantasies. English is not my First Language so pardon my grammar.<br><br>Most incest stories show perspective of a son, but I want to show that a mom can also lust for her son.</p><p><br>Most of my work can be found on Smashwords : https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/EllaCox<br><br>Subscribestar : https://subscribestar.adult/ella-cox-erotica<br><br>I also have a Subscribestar for those who want to support me and get more stories and chat with me in return.<br><br>My email : ellacoxerotica@gmail.com</p>