About the author

A.R. Fiano

<p><strong>Alex (A.R.) Fiano is a New York-based author and teacher. A.R. is a strong LGBTQ+ advocate, particularly for youth. A.R. has a background of work in civil rights advocacy, law, journalism, and as college faculty. A.R. has taught philosophy, law, and eastern religions. A.R. is available for readings and public speaking.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> A.R. created the Gabriel&#39;s World Mystery/Thriller/Queer Fiction series--It&#39;s Time for New Heroes. The series has four books--The Hanged Man, Two-Faced Woman, The Book of Joel and Dead for Now.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Gabriel Ross is the main character in the series. Gabriel is a brilliant and intuitive private investigator in his thirties, a strong and compassionate advocate with his clients. He is Buddhist, intellectual, strong-minded, and skilled in boxing and Baguazhang. The other main character is Joel McFadden, a bisexual artist, Gabriel&#39;s boyfriend. The stories involve Gabriel&#39;s dangerous cases and Gabriel and Joel&#39;s relationship.<br /> <br /> Gabriel&#39;s World offers a compelling community of characters, in stories that explore the extremes and complexity of good and evil. The stories feature strong LGBTQ+ characters and mature, adult themes.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> You&#39;re invited to read more at the official website, GabrielsWorld.com. The site has a new feature, author recaps on the book chapters, short fiction with the Gabriel&#39;s World characters, and interactive elements. The site also has A.R.&#39;s Catharsis Writing Blog on Queer Writing and Art and her writing program for Queer Youth, A Room of Your Own. You can subscribe to the blog and the newsletter. Gabriel&#39;s World is also on Facebook, Google +, Twitter (@GabrielsWorld), YouTube (GabrielsWorldOnline), Pinterest, and Instagram (gabrielsworld_lgbt_fiction).</strong></p>