About the author

Stephanie Flynn

Stephanie Flynn writes action-packed paranormal romance filled with adventure, suspense, and danger. She lives in Michigan, USA, with her husband and kids, and she spends her writing time surrounded by a herd of normal cats who bat everything off her desk, including her coffee. She also writes urban fantasy under Marie Flynn. Check out her website for more books and FREEBIES: <strong>StephanieFlynn.net<br><br>Immortal Protector<br></strong>Vampire's Distraction (FREE!)<br>Vampire's Deception<br>Vampire's Secret<br>Vampire's Promise<br><br><strong>Pirates in Time</strong><br>Pirate's Prize<br>Pirate's Treasure<br>Pirate's Plunder<br><br><strong>Matchmaker in Time</strong><br>Minutes to Live (PREQ)<br>Seconds to Act<br>Hours to Arrive<br>Days to Hide<br>Years to Savor<br><br><strong>Short Stories</strong><br>Fateful Time<br>One Crazy Time<br>