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L.A. Corbeau

L.A. Corbeau is all about swoon-worthy interstellar alien hunks and the ladies who win their hearts. Whether she's weaving an RH/WC or M/F tale, her stories have just the right amount of spice to ignite cosmic passions. And don't let the drama fool you, there's always a happy ending!<br><br>Sci-fi/Alien romance 👽| Enemies to lovers | Aliens with special packages 🍆 | RH/WC &amp; M/F | Sugar AND spice 🌶️<br><br>Ready for exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming books, exciting updates, and more? Check out http://authorcorbeau.com/ and join the cosmic crow's nest!<br><br>Don't forget to find me on all the socials below:<br><br>IG: authorcorbeau<br>TT: authorcorbeau<br>Bluesky: authorcorbeau<br>