About the author

C. Rae Johnson

<p>Writing has been in my blood my whole life, even as a nurse &amp; personal trainer but life always got in the way to pursue it further. That was until a life changing event changed my world, but offered me the time to finally write. I was sidelined by a Traumatic Brain Injury and developed Post-Concussion Syndrome but by the grace of God I was able to complete books and am continuing to do so. My life altering event shows how good can come out of bad.<br /> I strive to educate others through empathy, compassion &amp; experience relating to our common needs, offering real solutions and practical ways of help, inspiring hope for a future. There is so much more than meets the eye and no one should ever give up. I&#39;m living proof of that! We all need to persevere and just keep going, even through our difficult times in life. I&#39;m giving back through my writing, for the Grace that was given unto me. Let&#39;s all become Battle Ready!*A Donation will be made to Hopes House Kenya Orphans for every book purchase. Than you for your support!</p>