About the author

Miss Kaneda

<p>Miss Kaneda is a lifelong obsessive lover of size fantasies and avid giantess, crush and domination fetishist. From early childhood fantasies of towering over model cars and buildings and crushing them beneath her shoes to the more mature, detailed, sadistic dreams of grinding helpless tiny victims beneath her toes, such thoughts suffuse much of her waking moments.</p> <p>Her first stories were published in the fetish community in 2013, and since then she has been an avid and obsessive writer of the most dark and cruel&nbsp;giantess and shrinking fetish erotica.</p> <p>Beyond a passionate love for footwear, her stories focus on the reality of cruelty and power and the psychological and emotional torment that towering, beautiful women can inflict on their tiny, helpless victims.</p> <p>Miss Kaneda resides in Massachusetts along with her spouse, two young sons and a frightfully dumb cat. Artist SorenZer0 has illustrated several of her stories, which are available through GiantessKatelyn.com and Giantesslove.com.</p>