About the author

Darie McCoy

Darie McCoy is an independent author of contemporary, interracial and paranormal/shifter romance books.&nbsp; A reader first, she enjoys reading books across many genres although romance holds a special place in her heart.&nbsp; Her experience working in a STEM field offers her a unique perspective which she uses in each story she pens.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>Her first novel, <em>For Real,</em> began as a short story written for a reader competition during an Authors and Readers conference.&nbsp; It was published in November of 2021.&nbsp; To date, she’s published three novels, a novella and has an active serial on Kindle Vella.<br>&nbsp;<br>When she doesn’t have her nose in a book or her fingers on the keyboard, Darie enjoys working in her vegetable garden.&nbsp; A serial hobbyist, she also enjoys knitting, sewing, baking and canning.&nbsp; One of her favorite treats to make is salted caramel popcorn.&nbsp; Amongst her friends, she’s known to transport the sweet treat in large quantities to share whenever they get together.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>Born and raised in the south, Darie stands by the staunchly held southern sentiments that the best tea is sweet tea and college football is life.&nbsp;