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yingxiong feng

<p><strong>About the author</strong></p><p>Yingxiong Feng</p><p>Pen names: Three Heroes, Lianlong, Cloudy Seagail</p><p><u><strong>Biography</strong></u></p><p>1979-1985 Guangdong Enping Number One Middle School</p><p>1985-1989 English Department of Guangzhou Foreign Languages</p><p>1989-1992 Guangdong Import &amp; Export Commodity Inspection Bureau</p><p>1992-1997 China Travel Service (Guangdong &amp; Macau)</p><p>1998-1999 The Earth Editing Commission of People&#8217;s Daily</p><p>2000-2003 News Department of Guangzhou TV Station</p><p>2003- &#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;Live in Australia &#160;</p><p><u><strong>Published books in Chinese</strong></u></p><p>China History 100 Years (1921-2021)</p><p>Buddhism of Tang Dynasty</p><p>Commentary Notes on Avatamsaka Sutra</p><p>Argumentation of Lankavatara Sutra</p><p>Notes and Commentary to Sixth Patriarch's Platform Sutra</p><p>Notes on the Diamond Sutra</p><p>Insights of the Surangama Sutra</p><p>The Power of Mind</p><p>History, Justice, Faith, Prejudice</p><p>Chinese Buddhist Century Review: Chinese Buddhism in the Last Hundred Years</p><p>A Buddhist View of the Analects</p><p>Inspirations of &#346;&#257;kyamuni's Life</p><p>Master's View of DAO de Jing</p><p>Argumentation of Lankavatara Sutra</p><p/><p><u><strong>Published books in English</strong></u></p><p>Red Dragon: My Country My Story</p><p>Communism is dying</p><p>Knocks at the door of life</p><p>Health Starts from Mind</p><p>Viewpoints</p>