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Colin Guest

<p><br></p><p>As an expat, Colin Guest has worked in fifteen countries and lived a life most only dream.</p><p>Colin loves writing and has written six books. His latest&nbsp;a short action/ adventure story is entitled “Impending&nbsp; Disaster.” In conjunction with Voyage Media,&nbsp; he has written a pilot episode based on his memoir Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps. This they think this could be used as the basis for a television series. Apart from his books, Colin has had articles published in various online magazines, and one in a UK expat magazine. He also writes poetry, with several in the final four in competitions, with his latest made into a film. Colin took part in a live American radio show and did a one-hour podcast, re his writing, and taken part in several online interviews. A local newspaper in his hometown of Plymouth in England, UK, published an article on Colin and his writing. <br>​​​​​​​Colin has lived in Turkey for over 25 years and lives in Istanbul&nbsp;with his wife.<br></p>