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Sam Rexford

<p><strong>Sam Rexford</strong> is a blogger, author, digital marketer, and 9-to-5 escape artist who writes about his journey to &quot;job freedom&quot; at his blog CHILLREPTILE.com.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> With diverse interests in the digital marketing space, Sam is constantly exploring new ways to make money online and is especially keen on finding ways to generate passive income with various strategies. At Chill Reptile, Sam tests out ideas and products and creates detailed how-to guides for other people interested in generating an income from home but who don&#39;t have the time or experience to start from scratch.<br /> <br /> At ChillReptile.com you&#39;ll find information on setting up your blog, creating sales funnels, affiliate marketing, email marketing, lead magnets, cryptocurrencies, crypto trading, marketing products reviewed, and so much more.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> You can join Sam at his blog to follow his journeys at: https://www.chillreptile.com&nbsp;<br /> <br /> You can send him a tweet at: https://twitter.com/samrexford</p>