About the author

Needa Warrant

<p>Needa Warrant is the pen name for an ol lady who started writing as a way to help animals, mainly horses. She is not your typical author, her writing style is her own. She writes more or less as bikers speak and live. Needa does have an editor but if you&#39;re a grammar freak or a mean person, please don&#39;t read her books. Books are not cheap to make &amp; she sells all her books for $ 2.99. Needa is very much an advocate for animals and and any cause she believes in. Such as saving our Wild Horses, which are our National Treasures.<br /> Her books are fictional, set in the mid 70&#39;s (so far) and are NOT based on any clubs she knew. Her clubs are made up names, which she solely created &amp; belong to her.They can not be used without her express written permission. Wild Child is the first book. Book 2 in the Bound for Hell MC series, Nailed, continues the lives and romances of the members of Bound for Hell MC &amp; Nefarious MC. These books are a saga about these clubs and should be read in order. Book 3, Blindsided continues where Nailed left off... NOW RELEASED... The Winter of Regrets, which follows Blindsided in the lives of Elena, Thrash, Thorn &amp; Tears.<br /> ATTENTION PLEASE READ BOOKS IN ORDER AS THEY ARE A SERIES</p>