About the author

Sidney St. James

<p>Sidney St. James began writing his first novel,<em> In the Face of Adversity</em> in the spring of 1995. It was the beginning of four books in his Faith Chronicles Series following a family from Oldenburg, Germany&nbsp; traveling to Texas in 1845 and face many adversities along the way to establish a new life in a new country, TEXAS.&nbsp; His second in the series was <em>The Rose of Brays Bayou, a </em>true story written from the memoirs of Dilue Rose Harris of the Runaway Scrape in Texas. His third in the series is <em>Faith &ndash; Seventy Times Seven,</em> a true story about the first ordained woman minister in the State of Louisiana and how she found forgiveness&nbsp; for twenty years from an abusive and alcoholic husband. His fourth in the series, <em>Seeing the Power of God,</em> is a story about a young man who fell from the sky fully grown and has trouble finding Christianity when the only book he has ever read is one based on Hinduism.&nbsp; Thirty-six more novels follow his first series in Science Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Romance Suspense and Thrillers, and Religious genres.</p> <p>He also loves to play matchmaker in his paranormal romances and young adult series, transporting readers to a place where the bold heroes have endearing flaws, the women are smarter than they lead on, the land is lush and untamed, and chivalry is alive and well.</p> <p>He lives near Sun City in Georgetown, Texas with his wife Barbara and a cat named &ldquo;Fluffy&rdquo; and he can occasionally be found wearing a tie&hellip; and I do mean &ldquo;occasionally.&rdquo; His latest release &ldquo;LET ME DRIVE&rdquo; is his 38th novel.&nbsp;</p> <p>You can connect with Sidney St. James on Facebook at facebook.com/sidneystjames or on Twitter @SidneyStJames3 or on Instagram at SidneySt.James. You can also visit his website, sidneystjames.com to sign up for emails about new releases and a chance to win signed copies of his latest releases. And, catch some cinematic video trailers of his former #1 selling Christian genre, FAITH &ndash; SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN.</p> <p>James writes sweet, fun and action-packed detective mystery books with two super exciting detectives, Vincent Gideon, and Bridget Flynn. They both are smart and fearless.</p> <p>Sidney St. James, in any genre, will continue to delight his audience with his inimitable combination of romance and suspense, with a touch of mystery and some of the paranormal for many years to come!</p>