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Jon DeLeon

<p>What&#39;s up, all you awesome people?&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I&#39;m Jon DeLeon, an author, a #CreativeGenius and Beyond Normal.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Great stories have the ability to make you feel, wonder and dream in a way that nothing else can. Science fiction to me is unique in its ability to push boundaries and stretch the imagination to new frontiers. I love stories and love writing. My hope is that one of my stories connects with you in the way that authoring them does for me.<br /> <br /> Learn more about the books I&#39;ve written and am currently writing at:<br /> <br /> www.beyondnormalbooks.com<br /> <br /> Stay connected with me and learn some of the stories behind the stories on my social media at:<br /> <br /> Twitter - @JonDeLeonAuthor<br /> FB - facebook.com/JonDeLeonAuthor<br /> Pinterest - pinterest.com/JonDeLeonAuthor<br /> Patreon - patreon.com/JonDeLeon<br /> <br /> ______<br /> <br /> Jon DeLeon is a science-fiction author, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and online marketing professional from Wellington, Colorado. Following his well-received self-help book, Lose Weight With Your Mind, he now releases original science fiction stories, filled with entertaining twists, action and characters readers connect with.</p>