About the author

H.C. Bentley

<p>There&#39;s just something about a small town that makes relationships interesting,&nbsp;whether&nbsp;they are romances, long-running&nbsp;feuds, or life-long friendships. These are the relationships H.C. Bentley enjoys discovering and exploring. Well&nbsp;that,&nbsp;and the fact she just loves a good happily ever after or second chance story.&nbsp;</p><p>​</p><p>When she&#39;s not&nbsp;writing, H.C.&nbsp;works as a cataloging librarian at her&nbsp;county library. In her spare time, you can find her playing pool,&nbsp;traveling with her family, or curled up watching movies (romantic comedies are&nbsp;a favorite!). She&#39;s also an avid reader, leaning towards various authors of romance and chick lit, but her favorite is Nora Roberts.&nbsp;</p><p>​</p><p>A southern girl at heart, H.C.&nbsp;calls Kentucky her home. After opting to join the military to pay for college, she spent three years stationed in&nbsp;Wiesbaden, Germany before returning to her hometown in&nbsp;rural western Kentucky, where she and her husband live with their two daughters.&nbsp;</p><p></p><p>​H.C. loves chatting with readers. You can contact her through the website, or any of her social media.</p>