About the author

Jamie Sands

<p>Jamie grew up in Wellington, New Zealand,&nbsp;and was a library devotee and constant reader of fiction from an early age. Their fiction covers many genre including&nbsp;Romantic Comedy, Horror, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy and Cosy Mysteries.</p> <p>They&rsquo;ve had stories published in Baby Teeth horror anthology, Enamel literary magazine and self published a number of roleplaying games.</p> <p>They live in Auckland, New Zealand, with their fiance and a round cat called Mochi. Jamie&rsquo;s visited Japan twice (another trip is always planned) and would like to move into Tokyo Disneyland.</p> <p>Find Jamie online at their website which includes links to their facebook author page, twitter, newsletter and roleplaying games they&#39;ve written.</p> <p>***&nbsp;<br /> If you&#39;ve noticed any grammatical errors, typos or plot holes, please get in touch, I&#39;d love to correct these and it&#39;s relatively easy in digital formats.</p>