About the author

Dakota Harrison

<p><em>Books, food, and naps.&nbsp;These are the things guaranteed to make me happy.</em></p><p><em>Growing up on a steady diet of&nbsp;books in a house where reading everything from the classics, to history, to all kinds of novels&nbsp;was encouraged, I never tired of finding fabulous books in all genres, my favourites being science fiction and fantasy.&nbsp;But hardly any merged romance and SciFi/Fantasy. I dreamed of the day when the starship pilot, or prince, would not only get the girl, but I would get to see what made them&nbsp;both&nbsp;tick, making it a major plot line.&nbsp;</em></p><p><em>Despairing of finding the books&nbsp;I&nbsp;wanted to read,&nbsp;I decided to combine my two loves and write them myself. I love writing both Alpha and Beta heroes, all whom I torture and make fall to their knees before their heroine and beg for mercy.<br /> <br /> My mother had a steady stream of romance novels she shared in a never-ending loop with friends.&nbsp;One day when I was fourteen I decided I would read one. I was hooked.<br /> <br /> I live in the coldest area of Queensland, Australia (and believe me, winters are&nbsp;<strong>ICY!</strong>), and harbor a strange love for UGG boots. K- and J-Pop. and most recently, Korean and Japanese dramas feature heavily in my home, especially when drafting my novels, drawing inspiration for my heroes from the music videos, movies,&nbsp;and anime.</em></p><p><em>Dakota x</em><br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p>