About the author

Lindsay Randall

<p>Known for her &ldquo;lyrical prose&rdquo; and adventurous stories, Lindsay Randall is the award-winning author of historical and contemporary romances.</p><p>RT Book Reviews lauded her with a Reviewers Choice Award for Best Historical Paranormal Romance, and readers respond to the &ldquo;solid writing and engaging action&rdquo; found in the pages of her books.</p><p>For Lindsay, writing is not simply a joy but a compulsion. &ldquo;I feel called to write,&rdquo; she explains.</p><p>A devotee of the written word since the third grade, Lindsay began her journey as a writer in the form of journaling. Her first diary was a gift from her mother and the pages were soon filled to bursting within two short weeks.</p><p>Decades later, Lindsay is responding still to an urge within that wants to write.</p><p>The author&rsquo;s private life is as steeped in creative endeavors as is her professional one. She spends time experimenting with various artistic mediums from watercolors to digital photo editing and enjoys the practice of yoga, as well as exploring the natural environment around her.</p><p>Lindsay makes her home in the beautiful Pennsylvania Wilds, where she was born and raised.&nbsp;</p>