About the author

Robert Scott-Norton

<p>Robert Scott-Norton writes high-octane sci-fi thrillers and is the creator of The Tombs Legacy, a universe of fiction.</p><p>A lifelong fan of Stephen King and Doctor Who, it was perhaps inevitable that his work would sit somewhere between horror and sci-fi.</p><p>Robert&rsquo;s books all take place in this same story universe &ndash; The Tombs Legacy. His debut sci-fi novel, The Face Stealer, is the first book in a series and sets up this fictional universe. A second series, set in the future, looks at Southport one hundred years from now as repercussions from The Face Stealer start to be felt.</p><p>Raised in Southport, he&rsquo;s lived there most of his life and has concluded that this ordinary seaside town is the perfect setting for all the horrors he can throw at it.</p>