About the author

Jonathan Dunsky

Jonathan Dunsky is the author of the Adam Lapid mysteries, a series of historical novels set primarily in Israel in the 1940s and '50s.<br>​​​​​​​<br>A longtime student of history and an avid reader of crime fiction, Dunsky combined his two passions to create his protagonist, Adam Lapid, a Holocaust survivor who works as a private detective in the fledgling State of Israel.<br><br>A native of Israel, Dunsky did not grow up speaking English at home. As a teenager, he decided he wanted to master the language and so started reading books in English and checking unfamiliar words in the dictionary. It's a habit he keeps to this day.<br><br>The Adam Lapid series numbers seven novels and one short story, so far. Dunsky is writing the eighth novel in the series, with many more to come.<br><br><br>In addition, he has published a standalone thriller called The Payback Girl and a number of short stories in various genres.<br><br>Dunsky resides in Israel with his wife and two sons.