About the author

Margaret Manners

<p>Margaret Manners is an avid reader, fiction writer and Romance eBook author. Born in Scotland, she immigrated to Canada with her parents at a young age. She still has a bit of a Scottish lilt at times! Margaret&#39;s stories are clean Regency Romance; the genre of books she likes to read herself. She loves the period, the society and the splendid apparel of the time. Sometimes, a bit of mystery or suspense creeps into her writing!<br /> <br /> Margaret and her husband live in a small town on the beautiful west coast of Canada. Their children and grandchildren love to visit whenever Margaret and her husband are not globe-trotting! England, Scotland, France, Italy....well actually, everywhere in Europe and beyond is where they like to travel.<br /> <br /> Lirios Publishing publishes Margaret&#39;s books on Amazon.</p>