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Morgan LionHeart

Today, I had a very interesting conversation come up when I was talking to someone who I consider a good friend. "What is your dream?" I think as we live and grow, those change and, that's OK. We're all following what I think we all consider sometimes to be "clumsy dreams"&nbsp;<br><br>My dream, might sound a bit clechè and just like words but here it is.&nbsp;<br><br>When I was about 16, and just beginning to appreciate anime. My cousin introduced me to "Bleach" those who have heard of it will think what you will but the thing I got most from it was perseverance.&nbsp;<br><br>Later, although I liked anime like that still, I found I was looking for something else. That's when I found "Kanon" What an incredible and interesting story.&nbsp;<br><br>It laid out some things very clearly&nbsp;<br>-death&nbsp;<br>-disease<br>-depression&nbsp;<br>-loss<br>-malice&nbsp;<br><br>But it also showed something else&nbsp;<br>-perseverance&nbsp;<br>-joy&nbsp;<br>-living each day happy even if you had no idea if tomorrow would come<br>-family&nbsp;<br>-comfort&nbsp;<br>-never EVER giving up on those who matter to you, even if your not sure sometimes why they matter&nbsp;<br>-miracles (big and small)<br><br>I came across others with those same elements. Including. Anime from the same company as "Kanon" itself.&nbsp;<br><br>Here's the part that may seem a bit clichè and some might think a bit fake. I'm not afraid to say some might believe that.&nbsp;<br><br>I don't really care about the popularity or success of my books. Sure getting readers and likes, followers, shares, they feel good. But I don't really care if only one person reads. As long as they understand and it inspires them, like those anime did for me.&nbsp;<br><br>Some of my content is and will continue to be brash, harsh, hard to read but, in a world like we live in now. I believe it's necessary, putting these things in such a way that hard and stubborn hearts will understand.&nbsp;<br><br>That's my dream.