About the author

Sarah Rajkotwala

<br>Sarah Rajkotwala grew up in Adelaide South Australia and now lives in rural SA. She is a passionate gardener and lover of spiritual growth, metaphysics and enlightenment. After a short career as a plant nursery owner she realized she could talk to plants telepathically. This game-changing information prompted her to write her first book 'The Year of Talking to Plants'. This documents her fascinating discoveries into the world of the plants and fairies. A real-life spiritual adventure into her garden.<br><br>Sarah’s second book ‘Fairy Sparkles’ is part spiritual autobiography and part spiritual handbook; describing her search for enlightenment and the lessons she learned along the way. In this book she describes in detail, how she works directly with her and angels and God to create miracles and blessings in her life and others. How she uses her psychic insight and intuition to help her in her daily life and how other people can access their guidance too. A practical and fun life manual on how to live a better human life with the help of spirit.<br><br>Her third book 'Conversations With My Vegetable Garden' is a delve into the private world of the vegetable plants and fairies in your garden. A fun and informative adventure into the spiritual nature of your vegetable garden.<br><br>Sarah also writes spiritual articles for new age magazines and in her blog Rose Garden Conversation. Sarah teaches Spiritual Workshops at Petals and Buds spiritual teaching classes. She lives with her family and pets in a large rambling organic garden in country South Australia.<br>