About the author

Steve Horsmon

<p><strong>Who Am I?</strong></p><p>I&rsquo;m an ex-student, ex-engineer, ex-program manager, ex-corporate educator, and an ex-husband.</p><p>Just like you, I&rsquo;ve been a&nbsp;<em>good guy</em>&nbsp;my whole life. Like all&nbsp;<em>good guys&nbsp;</em>I&rsquo;ve worked hard, made a decent living and treated people kindly.&nbsp;I&rsquo;ve tried to please everyone in my path &ndash; especially the women in my life.</p><p>I always thought that was the key to my success, satisfaction, and happiness.</p><p>I was wrong &hellip; so VERY wrong.</p><p>What I&rsquo;ve learned is what I have to offer you.</p><p><strong>What do I Do?</strong></p><p>I turn on the light for good guys who are struggling in their relationships with women.</p>