About the author

Joyce M C Nyabongo

<p>Through myriads of seminars in life-skills, customer satisfaction and service management, Joy Nyabongo has impacted many lives of professionals, in both private and public sector; and, members of the community from all walks of life.</p><p>Her seminars combine practical life issues, with state-of-the art technical skills for customer satisfaction, making her approach very simple to comprehend; thence empowering participants with knowledge and skills for delivering excellent services at home, work and in the community.</p><p>Joy holds a Masters degree in Economics amongst other qualifications, and has worked in several international and national organizations in managerial capacities.&nbsp; She is the director of Service Excellence Ltd.; and has founded &lsquo;Peoples of Excellence&rsquo; network which brings together &lsquo;Men&rsquo; and &lsquo;Women&rsquo; of excellence globally.</p><p>Contact: jnyabongo@gmail.com, +255 754 295977</p>