About the author

Johnny Parker

<p>Johnny Parker is a bit of a latecomer to the writing party, but that means he has a whole goody bag of experience to pour into his writing.<br /> <br /> Influenced by British comedy from Boys from the Blackstuff to Only Fools and Horses, Johnny likes to find the humour in real life and balance the funny with the sad.<br /> <br /> Labelled a scatterbrain by his 1960&rsquo;s Headmistress, Johnny has turned the insult into inspiration and has published kids picture books, joke books, a war biography and now a serial comedy based in a betting shop. Not so much writing to market as writing to life.<br /> <br /> Success has done a knock and run on Johnny&#39;s door, winning an award for a short comedy film and several short story prizes. He&rsquo;s had a comedy play produced and he even had the Museum of Liverpool Life include his quotes on some of their exhibits.</p><p><br /> Johnny&rsquo;s feature film screenplay <em>Freak </em><em>House</em>, was one of only a small number of scripts chosen to be critiqued by Hollywood script guru Karl Iglesias at the London Screenwriters Festival. This time next year (Rodney), he might just be a millionaire.</p>