About the author

Eric Morrison

<p>Eric Morrison is an author, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast and an avid musician. His first book, &quot;The Frustrated Guitarist&#39;s LAST Chord Book&quot; is the first in his Frustrated Guitarist series of guitar books that also includes 4 smaller companion books on chords for drop-tuned guitars (Drop D, Drop Db, Drop C and Drop B). Also forthcoming in the series is &quot;The Frustrated Guitarist&#39;s LAST Scale Book&quot; which will cover guitar scales and modes. He has just released a health and nutrition book called &quot;Gluten, Sugar, Starch: How To Free Yourself From The Food Addictions That Are Ravaging Your Health And Keeping You Fat - A Paleo Approach.&quot; Companion books in the same series will follow which will adhere to the same principles.<br /> <br /> Eric is currently the founder and lead instructor at the Garage Rock Academy (www.thegaragerockacademy.com) in Mesa, AZ.</p>