About the author

Jacqueline Westhead

<p>Jacqueline Westhead is an author, teacher, holistic health practitioner, and visionary facilitator certified in mindfulness practice, somatic education and sound healing. Her workshops and retreats have been offered internationally for participants of all ages and backgrounds. Jacqueline combines her training in meditation, counseling, dance, music, sound healing and neuroscience with over 25 years facilitation experience to meet the individual with boundless resource for developing their practice for personal growth. She continues to spend her time researching neurobiology, mind body inter-relationship and wisdom traditions to gain greater insight into the potential for health and thriving.<br /> <br /> Jacqueline began teaching and developing her practice in 1991. Sound Body Wisdom coalesced in 1995 and continues to evolve. She has refined and developed her work to meet each individual wherever they may be and develop tools specifically for their needs. Her passion lies in making the potential of our mind body accessible and creating tools for rewiring and unwinding patterns that can limit us and create struggle. Her effectiveness is born from her own journey with trauma, personal practice and her personal &lsquo;sink or swim&rsquo; experience towards changing her life. Through her research and experience she has developed Sound Body Wisdom techniques and seen them radically empower and change peoples lives.<br /> <br /> Jacqueline believes it is the role of the teacher to support the individual in developing their personal expression, inner resource and discovering for themselves what gets in their way of loving themselves without limitation. She realizes each person is unique and offers practical guidance and intuitive wisdom rooted in the effective applications of experiential learning. Jacqueline is a student of meditation and spiritual traditions who continues to travel and study to expand her understanding of her work and the role it plays in our evolving world. She is currently writing Touching the Invisible, a guide for everyday living and is committed to serving the journey of all individuals.</p><p>Check out: SoundBodyWisdom.com</p>