About the author

D.E. Chapman

<p>D.E. Chapman is the author of&nbsp;the fantasy series, A Talnarin Novel Series. She enjoys writing about new worlds filled with strong leads in an attempt to lose herself in her books, kicking butt while she&#39;s there.<br /> <br /> When Chapman&#39;s not writing, she&#39;s usually on social media saying hello, reading or rereading the plethora of novels she owns, playing video games, or giving her cats and dog&nbsp;lots of love! She also loves spending time with her family since Chapman is a strong believer that family is the most important aspect of life, blood relations or not. This is a common theme in her books that she is always keen on writing.<br /> <br /> Most importantly, don&#39;t be afraid to say hello, she would love to hear from you! The best place to reach her is through her FB group.<br /> <br /> Chapman also has another secret pen name for all the darker stories hiding within the depths of her mind. Ivy Chapman&#39;s books are filled with mature content and twisted themes, so tread with caution!</p>